Furniture maintenance

  • Pay attention to surface cleaning and maintenance. Dry towel can be used to wipe the surface dust. Every other time, wipe the dust in the corner with a wet towel that twists dry water, and then wipe it dry with a clean dry towel.
  • Avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove stains. When there is a stain on the surface of furniture, do not wipe it violently. Use diluted detergent to gently remove the stains. Then use clean water towel to wipe dry detergent, and finally use dry towel to wipe dry water stains.
  • Avoid scratches on hard objects. When cleaning, do not let cleaning tools touch furniture. At ordinary times, pay attention to not let hard metal products or other sharp tools collide with furniture, so as to avoid scratches.
  • Far away from heat source, it is better to place furniture about 1 meter away from the heating to avoid long-term high-temperature baking and local cracking of wood or deterioration of paint film.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, should try to avoid outdoor sunlight on furniture for a long time exposure, its best place to avoid direct sunlight, or use transparent gauze curtains to separate direct sunlight. In this way, not only does not affect indoor lighting, but also makes the soft light add a few warm and romantic sentiments to the room, while protecting the indoor furniture.

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