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Within 7 days after the customer purchases the goods (including 7 days, counting from the next day after the customer signs for the goods), the goods can be returned without reason on the premise of good conditions.(non-quality problems shall be returned by the customer), the products enjoy three guarantees of service, warranty period of one year.
1. Online payment: select online payment, please enter "my order", click "CHECKOUT", and follow the prompts to operate;At present, online payment supports Palpay, Wechat Pay, Alipay for payment;2. Company transfer: select the company transfer after submitting the order, and the remittance identification code will be generated. 
The posturerelief mattresses are sold through four seasons furniture shops in these retall locations.
The posturerelief mattress was designed and develop by the R & D team at wilh wuefing GmbH & Co. KG. The product is created by a leading manufacture in China. All mattress products are tested by SGS for highest compliance standards.

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