Fabric Duffle 3-Seater Sofa with Oak Base, 3 Cushions, & Leather Accents

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Fabric Duffle 3-Seater Sofa with Oak Base, 3 Cushions, & Leather Accents

$1,288.00 USD $1,388.00 -8% OFF

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Product description

Duffle presents a versatile and comfortable sofa system that offers various design possibilities, from an armchair to larger compositions. Configurable with oak or walnut platforms, this modular system easily adapts to diverse living spaces and hotels. Drawing inspiration from the timeless charm of a duffle coat, wood and leather accents adorn the design. The upholstery crafted from wool, leather, and wood exudes a sense of comfort and warmth.

Bosc, meaning 'forest' in Gascon, has a rich historical heritage. Since its establishment in 1964, the Bastiat family has passionately crafted furniture and chairs. Presently, led by the eldest son and his wife, the company maintains a profound expertise in woodworking and upholstery. The brand employs six designers whose visions come to life through the skilled hands of Bastiat's craftsmen.

Product Features:

Type: Modular
Style: Contemporary
Color: Gray
Seat Material: Fabric
Frame Material: Oak, Walnut
Base Material: Wooden base
Market: Contract, for hotels
Designer: Jean-Louis Iratzoki
Capacity: 2-person, 3-seater, multiplace
Options: With armrests, cushion, with built-in table, with magazine rack
Total Height: 79 cm (31 in)
Total Width: 228 cm, 318 cm (90 in)
Total Depth: 100 cm, 167 cm (39 in)

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